How to Apply Your Sticker

Application Instructions


Peel off the backing (see above)leaving the sticker on the application tape. Then position your sticker on your wall and press firmly to the wall using either a ruler or credit card. Once your sticker is on your wall you can then slowly remove the application tape at a 360 degree angle, i.e keep your hands as close the wall as possible when doing this (see below)

Remove the application tape

Your sticker is now on your wall.

Coloured Vinyl Wall Art


Additional Info:-

For perfect results please make sure that your wall or surface is clean, smooth, dry and free of dirt and dust. Do not apply to freshly painted walls please wait a minimum of 2 weeks after painting.

The top picture shows how to correctly remove the backing tape away from the sticker (leaving the sticker stuck to the application tape). When you have completed this step you then need to stick your sticker to the wall, smooth out then remove the application tape as shown in the third picture. When removing the application tape please ensure you push back the application tape against the wall and do this millimetre by millimetre and strip by strip. For larger decals you may want to remove the tape in two or three smaller sections.

Our printed vinyl stickers are removable and repositionable. To remove the decal and for the best results you can slowly peel it off the surface by heating the adhesive with the use of a hairdryer.

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