Black Dress Lady

Black Dress Lady



  • Made from quality vinyl with a lifetime guarantee, can be wiped clean
  • Easy to apply with full application instructions
  • 6 different sizes (according to the image shape)

Sticker Sizes

Small 50cms x 50cms £9.99

Medium 100cms x 50cms £17.50

Large 100cms x 70cms £18.99

Extra Large 100cms x 100cms £19.99

Giant 100cms x 130cms £24.99

Mural 200cms x 100cms £35.00

Sticks to:- any smooth, clean wall or wallpaper, paint, metal, plastics, glass, mirrors,plaster.

The sizes above are of the vinyl measurements/area we will cut from it is not the measurements of the image for example:-

If you purchase the 50cm x 50cm size the image is placed WITHIN this area of the vinyl and will be machine cut, so your image is within this size.

Registered Office: 30 Moor Hill, Norden, Rochdale, Lancashire, OL11 5YB, UK.